From Above

This blog is primarily photographs from above my home using a Mavic 3 quadrotor. The vantage point of 300 – 400 feet in the air creates a major change to what can be seen. Other photographs, such as those of Suzanne’s flowers, were taken at heights which can show them best. These photographs were taken over the last month or so.

This is the backyard and Suzanne’s beautiful gardens.
The corner flowers.
And the front.
The side.
During one of the storms in July, the wind and rain stopped but there was continuous lightning in the clouds. I took the drone up to capture the view. This is one flash of lighting looking east. It was a great idea until it started to rain again. I got the drone down just as the real hard rain started.
This thunderstorm … cloud … went over. Some lightning and thunder. Some furious but short rain and some wind. It moved on and at this point is over Lake Michigan where my son and his wife were on their sailboat returning from a race. They got the rain and wind but were not quite at the end of the rainbow.
This is the beginning of the 4th of July parade going down Broad Street. The telephoto works but at this distance the images lose a good deal of detail.
Our flag, Greendale’s War Memorial and the honor guard (on the street).
The Greendale High School marching band.
The night of July 4th the fireworks were rained out. This is the next Saturday. A spectacular show.
A part of the audience.
This is the flower of a Purple Crownvetch. It is native to Africa, Asia and Europe but was brought to the United States for erosion control along roads. As usually happens, importing plants for one purpose has consequences. In this case the Purple Crownvetch has spread well beyond its intended purpose and is now in the Wehr Nature Center prairie. If left alone it will (already has to some extent) taken over. It spreads rapidly and pushes out other plants. In order to try to get it under control in the prairie, the naturalists have been removing it. However, it hasn’t been known how far it has spread. The drone was used to fly a grid over the prairie to try to identify where the Crownvetch is growing.
This is one of the photographs. The Crownvetch is the pinkish flowers at the top left. It also is in the bushy plant area in the upper right. Getting rid of it is/will be a big job.

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I am a retired electrical engineer with many years of working on environmental controls for large buildings. I now spend many hours walking through beautiful parkland and taking photographs of the interesting and wondrous things I see.

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