Views of the North of Ireland

The photographs of this blog are of the North of Ireland during our recent visit. We traveled mostly along the coast from Dublin to Ennistimon. Fortunately, we had only a little rain but lots of clouds that rolled in and out leaving periods of sunshine making the green of the hills greener than green (IContinue reading “Views of the North of Ireland”

From the Air Between Newark and O’Hare

Last weekend Suzanne and I travelled from Milwaukee to visit our family in New Jersey. The photographs are what can be done with an iPhone 13 and a bit of post processing as we passed along Manhattan toward Newark Airport on the way out and crossed Michigan to arrive at O’Hare Airport on our return.Continue reading “From the Air Between Newark and O’Hare”

First Snow Fall 2022

November 15 had the first significant snowfall of 2022. It was wet and heavy and came in bursts. Juncos hope through the low bushes looking for food. (From: ‘’). Juncos are the “snowbirds” of the middle latitudes. Over most of the eastern United States, they appear as winter sets in, and then retreat northward (mostlyContinue reading “First Snow Fall 2022”

Fierce and Cuddly

In a recent blog I had photographed a Red-Tailed Hawk drinking and taking a bath and noted that I had never seen one do that before. Well, two weeks later I saw it again. This time closer and much more interesting. This blog is most of a hawk and its interaction with water. I alsoContinue reading “Fierce and Cuddly”

Some Deer, Birds, Bugs and Other

This blog is composite of several weeks of walking and photographing. This time of Fall is slow. Few bugs, a few birds and a deer every once in a while. The weather has been great with many sunny days and moderate temperatures. The (a) Great Blue Heron is still around. It spends a good dealContinue reading “Some Deer, Birds, Bugs and Other”

More Foggy Mornings

The last few days have been spectacular as the sun is coming up and the fog still lingers over the lake low-lying areas of the Nature Center and the frost has turned the grasses white. These photographs are more of that beauty. At one point yesterday (10/29/22) the water droplets were large enough and denseContinue reading “More Foggy Mornings”

More of Spectacular Fall Colors

Other than my impression and similar responses for many people, I have no data to say this fall is more beautiful / colorful than many … but I really think it is. This blog is more photographs of fall colors. This is Westway, a street in Greendale. It’s always beautiful in the Fall and thisContinue reading “More of Spectacular Fall Colors”